Team Building

Building teams through the power of history.

Learn. Engage. Connect.

Christopher Street Tours is more than just a tour company. We’re a transformative journey through the historic streets of New York City, specifically the vibrant neighborhood of Greenwich Village, uncovering and exploring LGBTQ+ history and stories.

We offer thoughtfully curated, interactive tour experiences designed to unite corporate teams, spark engaging dialogue, and stimulate the mind while exploring the pivotal movement for LGBTQ+ rights in our city and nation.

Team Building with a Twist

In today’s fast-paced corporate world, we understand the value of strong, cohesive teams. Our unique tours offer a fresh approach to team building, fostering deeper connections and empathy through shared learning and exploration. Embarking on a Christopher Street Tour not only brings your team closer but also educates and enlightens on topics of inclusivity, diversity, and the fight for equality.

The Heart of the Movement

Our tours take you through the charming streets of Greenwich Village, famously known as a haven for artists, rebels, and the heart of the Gay Rights Movement. You’ll explore the landmarks of the Stonewall Uprising, tracing the steps of the brave souls who stood up for their rights, and understanding how their fight sparked a worldwide movement.


Making History Relevant

At Christopher Street Tours, we believe in making history come alive. We don’t just recount dates and events; we immerse you in stories that touch hearts, inspire change, and remain relevant to this day. As we take a closer look at the LGBTQ+ Rights Movement, we’ll encourage your team to consider how these lessons apply in our current society, promoting a more inclusive and understanding work environment.



Let's Get Building

Transform your team-building experience into an extraordinary journey through history, uniting your team in a profound exploration of LGBTQ+ narratives. Immerse yourselves in the vibrant streets of New York City, guided by our knowledgeable experts who will share captivating stories of resilience, courage, and triumph from the LGBTQ+ community. By honoring our collective past, you will cultivate an authentic workplace culture that celebrates diversity and champions equality.

Let Christopher Street Tours craft a tailored team-building experience that sparks growth, unity, and a lasting commitment to creating an inclusive environment. Together, let’s embark on this transformative journey, forging unforgettable memories and empowering your team to make a positive impact on the world. Contact Christopher Street Tours today to book an interactive team-building tour in the heart of New York City.