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Andrea (she/her) is a New York native and a student at New York University. She is passionate about education equality and studies literature and education. Andrea has worked with organizations such as Girls, Inc. NYC and campus organizations like One Love to promote education about healthy relationships among young adults. She’s excited to share the LGBTQ+ history of the Village and her love for the city!

I give Christopher Street Tours because...

I enjoy learning interesting history and I’m proud to teach LGBTQ+ history that people may not be familiar with, especially if it can help promote a better understanding of today’s struggles for equality.

What inspires you to share LGBTQ+ history?

I’m inspired to share LGBTQ+ history because it’s not as accessible as other subjects of U.S and global history. Though much of that history is a history of oppression, not many people are actually familiar with the historical forms of legal discrimination or with the history of LGBTQ+ activism. I’m also inspired by the potential to inspire more hope by sharing historical traditions of community and pride. Queer people have always existed and there is so much history of pride, joy, and safety despite all of the grief.

Best NYC Recommendation

The Edge observatory! One of the best attractions in the city.

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