Partnership Guide

About Us

Christopher Street Tours is inspired by the deep history and impactful stories of the LGBTQ+ community in New York City and around the world. We are LGBTQ+-owned and -operated with the mission of sharing stories and uplifting voices of those that paved the way before us. Our LGBTQ+ walking tours are designed to be engaging, meaningful, and thought-provoking as we explore the landmarks, events, and people that have shaped the LGBTQ+ history of each neighborhood.


There are several ways that we are open to partnering with local businesses. We love supporting other local, small businesses, especially LGBTQ+-owned, women-owned, and POC-owned. Listed below are a few ideas, but if you have any other suggestions, we’re all ears!

Ways to Partner

Affiliate Partnership

We can provide an affiliate link if you are willing to share our tours on your website. Every time a tour guest books through that link, we will provide 10% commission back to your business as a thank you.

Become a Neighborhood Partner

Each tour page has a section for our neighborhood partners for the respective neighborhood of each tour. This is an example of our Village Pride tour page. We can promote your business on this section of our website with a small discount for our tour participants at your business, usually by them showing their tour confirmation page.

Business Cards, Flyers, and Table Tents

If you have a physical location, we’d love to share our tour with your customers! In exchange for recommending your business during our tour, we can display provided flyers, business cards, and/or table tents with our tour information at your business location.

Discount Codes

We can provide discount codes for your customers, for example: “Every purchase includes 10% off a Christopher Street Tours tour.” We can provide custom cards to be used in-store or provide a virtual card or language to be used virtually.


If you’re interested in partnering with us in any of the ways above, or if you have another idea for collaboration, you can contact Michael Venturiello, founder and owner of Christopher Street Tours, at [email protected].