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There’s a reason why New York City is considered to be the greatest city in the world! And we agree. Experiencing LGBTQ+ history in New York City is unparalleled. With generations of LGBTQ+ activism and those who paved the way before us, New York City is a city like no other. It’s also where Christopher Street Tours began with our very first tour, and where we get our namesake, from the first tour that strolled down Christopher Street.

Our Village Pride tour is our classic tour, including the iconic LGBTQ+ locations of the Greenwich Village. If you’re looking to uncover the “hidden” LGBTQ+ history of the city, our Downtown LGBTQ+ Activism tour is for you. And if you’re looking to raise a glass and toast to LGBTQ+ history, then we’d recommend our Queer History Bar Crawl. No matter the tour you choose, you’ll be participating in a meaningful and impactful experience with Christopher Street Tours!

Village Pride Walking Tour

On this tour around Greenwich Village, we will visit historic sites where revolutions began, riots were sparked, and history was made.

We will see common threads within the LGBTQ+ generations who have lived life in New York City, sharing their stories throughout the tour. You’ll also learn more about individual stories of Queer activists and the major political and social movements that have shaped the LGBTQ+ community over time.

Sites include the historic Stonewall Inn, the Gay Liberation Monument, the NYC AIDS Memorial, the LGBT Community Center, and more.

This tour is available for public and private groups. You can book now or contact us to set up a private your for your group.

Downtown LGBTQ+ Activism Walking Tour

Embark on a transformative journey through Lower Manhattan, where we will visit significant historic sites that have shaped the LGBTQ+ Rights Movement.

These are the places where unspoken heroes spoke truth to power, igniting pivotal protests and fighting tirelessly for justice. As we explore City Hall, Wall Street, Battery Park, and other landmarks, you’ll be inspired to uncover your own inner activist and become a part of the legacy of resilience, activism, and progress. This tour is not only an opportunity to honor the past but also to celebrate the present and actively contribute to a more inclusive future.

This tour is only available for private groups of five or more. To inquire about organizing a Downtown LGBTQ+ Activism walking tour, please contact us.

Queer History Bar Crawl

On this bar tour around Greenwich Village, we will visit three historic Queer bars, sharing stories of each location and raising a glass to celebrate all the icons who paved the way before us. As we journey from bar to bar, you’ll experience the nightlife of LGBTQ+ generations of the past and present. Toast to a memorable night out with Christopher Street Tours!

Official drink stops on the tour include the Stonewall Inn, Henrietta Hudson, and Cubbyhole. 

Please note: all guests must be 21+ years of age and must provide a valid, physical ID showing proof of age in order to participate.

This tour is only available for private groups of ten or more. To inquire about organizing a Queer History Bar Crawl, please contact us.

Looking for Something a Little More Custom?

Experience custom tours with Christopher Street Tours.

Create a truly unique and personalized experience with Christopher Street Tours’ custom walking tours. We are dedicated to crafting a tour that caters to your specific interests and needs, working with you to create a meaningful and thought-provoking event.

From iconic destinations to off-the-beaten-path gems, our custom tours offer an intimate exploration that celebrates the history of the LGBTQ+ community. With our custom tours, your journey will be thoughtfully curated to ensure an unforgettable experience.